Design leader. 9 years of Burning Man. Experience & Interaction Design for brands, products, and people.

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I’m an entrepreneurial experience designer with 9 years of Burning Man under my belt and over 12 years experience in design for both small and large companies. My focus is on UX and interaction design that keeps the user at the center and delivers elegant and simple experiences.  I’m passionate about designing for the future as well as dynamic & accessible platforms.  The end result - continued business solutions that are effective for "anything and everything."

Things I’m always thinking about:
•    usability and experience
•    device agnostic solutions
•    ubiquitous computing
•    AR & VR
•    internet of things
•    prototyping
•    future of the web
•    “feels good” functionality
•    responsive interaction
•    visual harmony
•    responsive design
•    resolution independence